Itekeng Primary School opens new Sports Center with Ammish

Dear Readers,

Ammish is back with another update from Soweto, but this time featuring Itekeng Primary School as its main topic. This school which is located in White City Jabavu is one of the schools we’re closely cooperating with. On 15th June Itekeng opened its new sports center and invited some of us to celebrate with them. We happily accepted the invitation and not only came to watch, but also brought our own netball team with us.

To match the concentrated strength of our awesome staff some of the children’s parents had to defend the honor of the school. The following matches were fought bravely until the end – while everyone gave her best (really, only women 😛 ) of course the fun of it was the actual reward. Without wanting to show off… We won  😉 . Teamspirit at its best.

For the children at the same time it was a totally new experience. Itekeng was not able to offer sports activities before due to lack of sports facilities. Fortunately this has changed now and we’re looking forward to using the new grounds for our programs in the future. Anyone who wants to support these activities can contact us through our website, by phone or easily donate any amount using our bank details at the bottom or via Payfast (click here).

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