Backround information

In the area where the project is situated, many children don’t have a place to go after they come back from school. The children end up being unsupervised on the streets, which can be a starting point for taking drugs and engaging in criminal activities. The parents are often overwhelmed with the responsibility and the work they have with their children. They don’t have enough time and energy to offer their children activities. Many parents can’t help their children with homework or exams, because they don’t have the time or they did not finish school themselves. This is also a risk for children to get on the wrong paths.

There are no projects like this in the area where the organisation is situated, the children have to walk long distances if they want to benefit from them. Our organisation therefore fills a gap in the community. Together with the establishment of our organisation, we also want to establish a ‘support-net’ of social institutions in the community. Many of them are suffering for funds and can’t provide to the community. We want all of the institutions to share what they have with each other so that each institution is able to run properly, as we all share the same goal: to support and care for our community.

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