Gift a Smile – Christmas 2022

Spreading joy from Soweto to Mpumalanga

Ammish Community Development once again is spreading joy among underprivileged children this Christmas. For all those who thought giving during this season is not real, Ammish proves otherwise. From buying, preparing to distributing gifts we have make it possible to be part of the initiative to spread smiles among underprevileged Children this Christmas from Soweto to Mpumalanga (Sun rise).

Life’s most persistent question is: “What are you doing for others?”

β€” Masishaba Mlotshwa, Director

The drive starts from October each year focusing with our beneficiaries, our number increases each year. 202 shoeboxes were prepared: 56 to Mpumalanga and 146 for Soweto beneficiaries. Again we came together to buy age appropriate toys, clothing items, toiletry, stationery and sweets (as you all know there is no Christmas without goody packs and clothing items) and packed them in lovely decorated empty shoeboxes.

Kids unpacking their presents
Kids unpacking their presents

A Thank You to all supporters

Our distribution was on the 11th December 2022 at five Roses Super Bowl at Mofolo Park.
“There is something about the story of the baby in the manger – The angel singing and the Christmas star shinning bright to guide the sheperds to the new born king – that fills us with hope and excitement.
The message of Christmas peace and goodwill towards all men reminds us that, no matter how bad things get, the world is still full of good people. Good people like Andreas and friends (who made this Christmas gifts possible), Mr Sithole (Engen garage corner Mphuthi and Elias Motsoaledi road helping with lunch preparations). It is you caring people who have made this day a success and possible.
And may this Christmas star shines down brightly on you and your loved ones, filling your lives with all you, love and laughter you give to others. Through your support we are reaching smiles of sad children , giving hope to the hopeless and touching hearts of those underprevileged.

Thank you so much for touching their hearts may God keep on Blessing all of you 🎁❀️.

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