Mirror, mirror on the wall…

…who is the fairest of them all?

In the middle of summer (at least the temperature feels like it) we hosted a beauty pageant at Rutegang primary school. We wanted to find out who has got the talent and looks to convince our jury to get the grand price. This is definitely no easy decision, because all of our kids are just too marvelous! But after a few catwalks and other funny means of locomotion we slowly separated the wheat from the chaff. In the end it doesn’t really matter, who actually won – most important: Everyone should have fun. And the children really did  😀 ! But it’s not only about fun, this activity is also a good way to promote self-confidence.

Thanks to the very generous parents and spectators to our great show we were able to raise more than 2000 Rand worth of donations. All givers may be blessed for their contributions. Of course we already got new ideas where to spend this money to support our beneficiaries.

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