Africa Day – preservation of our culture

Dear supporters and friends of Ammish,

let me tell you another story about our community. Recently Africa Day was hosted by Ammish – initially in our calender it was supposed to be celebrated by the 22nd of May each year, but with us at Ammish it is everyday. It is a day where as Africans we need to go back to our roots and wear our African traditional wear from different cultures and pride ourselves in that. We didn’t choose gender as everyone was invited to buy a ticket and take part in the event…The contributed money is going to go towards children Christmas presents.

This is an important day because we are taking ourselves back to where we come from, how our parents taught us and we should pass that knowledge to our children. We have to teach them our backrounds and bring back the spirit of Ubuntu

Masishaba Mlotshwa

Surprise for the best dressed

People came in large numbers and we had 3 categories for the best dressed traditional wear, but it was a surprise to our audiences… supported males(Men’s toiletry bags) and supported youth(received toiletry bags with accessories inside) and our Grannys received 3 Items each. The 1st prize was s Calabash, 2 nd prize Icantsi(Zulu mat), 3rd prize a fancy Broom.

Open the curtain

But how could we have an event without entertainment , motivational speakers and the word of God? Of course not! So we had everything set up, because we cannot plan or start an Event without connecting to God… One of our programme items was a poem shared by the lovely Lesedi. We don’t want to withhold it from you, so here you go:

A poem for Africa Day

This day was celebrated to remind us about who we are, we have forgotten about our cultures.
Elders please lead us as an African child about where did I go wrong.
We need to acknowledge our culture and Ubuntu – because it takes a village to raise a child.
Who are we, where are we coming.
Where is the African Black Child, we are a lost generation.
It takes a village to raise a child but today its mind your own Business…

Elders please lead us…we need you to hold our hands and show us the way…We cannot do this without blessings from our elders…Today we are dying at a tender age…where are you Africans…

Africa my beginning,
Africa my land
Rise and Shine Africa
Africa my Heritage
Africa my Pride
Where is Africa
Help me Africa
I’m still a child Africa
Africa my mother land. 
They tried to brain-wash me
I am still still an African
Blood runs into my veins
I’m an African
I pride myself with Africa, my land , my beggining
Africa continua
Strength is ours

Ilizwe elethu!


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